How To Order Custom Packaging ?

We will walk you through each step of customizing a package box. Our experienced  Design Team will help you with R&D, concept creation and 3D mockup, prototyping, technical drawings all the way through to manufacture and delivery .

1.Choose the right box style based on your product and confirm the box size .

2.Contact our team to get a quote and confirm final cost.

3.Create packaging design,The color code of the design,the brand logo ,images,product information.And we provide box dieline .

4.The design file,make sure design in CMYK not RGB,convert the fonts/texts to curves (vector).Save the file(s) in a vector format that is readable in Adobe Illustrator CC, preferably as an .AI or layered PDF file. And don’t forget 10mm bleeding in areas where graphics extend pass the diecut line.

5.Make a sample to test size , structure,colors.

6.After confirm the sample,we will invoice you for bulk order and charge the deposit to start production.

7.Delivery,we can ship to your supplier or to your address directly.

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